12 Ways To Effortlessly Command Inspiration — Part 03

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5 min readJul 22, 2022

On July 20th, “12 Ways To Effortlessly Command Inspiration — Part 02” was published.

Given the title, you can probably surmise that this is a sequel to that essay, serving as the third part of this essay series.

Right before we dive in, if you haven’t read the “12 Ways To Effortlessly Command Inspiration — Introduction” or “12 Ways To Effortlessly Command Inspiration — Part 01”, please do so before reading this essay.

Or, if you don’t want to, keep on reading. It’s up to you.

Stepping Into The End

Every desire contains, within itself, a point in time.

A point in time in which the desire has been fulfilled.

You are, within this point in time, experiencing that which emanates from your fulfilled wish.

Just as an example, if you desire a well-paying job, a point in time may be reflecting on the changes this job has brought into your life.

Or, perhaps, enjoying the money you are earning, as well as the other benefits.

Really, there isn’t one point in time but, instead, an abundance of unique points.

No matter the point in time you are interested in, though, you can use your imagination to step into this point in time, conjure the feelings of your fulfilled wish, and bring it to life.

To perform this particular method, that is what you must do.

You must consider the inspiration you wish to experience and what will result from this inspiration.

One example of this may be a new story that you enjoy writing.

You must then imagine having written that story.

To accomplish this, set aside a few minutes. And, when you step into those few minutes, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and imagine what implies you wrote a story.

For me, this would mean going into a folder, on my computer, and seeing a document with the title of that story.

Since few of my stories are published, this makes sense.

But, of course, you may want something more.

Something much more.

Something far greater.

No matter what you want, though, you can take a few moments to consider what would imply the fulfillment of your wish.

That way, you can step into such a moment, experiencing it with your imagination and the sensory riches it can conjure, so that you can bring such things to life.

Your imagination is a vast creative power. Your feelings are equally so.

Combine the two and the result is a limitless series of fulfilled desires..

Going To The Middle Of The End

Given the title of this method, you might surmise that it is similar to the one above.

And, you would be correct.

Rather than going straight to the end, after the inspiration has faded away, you can go straight to the middle.

Or, rather, you can step into the midst of this inspiration, knowing that there is far more to come.

To perform this method, consider the type of inspiration you long for and, of course, what you would like this inspiration to bring forth.

Right after considering such things, set aside a few minutes to relax and imagine.

Soon after closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths, imagine that you are inspired.

Imagine that you are inspired and working with that inspiration.

And, while imagining such a thing, imagine that you are enjoying this inspiration.

Allow yourself to appreciate this inspiration.

Within this appreciation, know that you will continue to be inspired.

You will continue to be inspired and you will continue to enjoy this inspiration.

Just allow yourself to imagine such a thing.

To accomplish this, you can imagine that you are, for example, writing a story.

Or, perhaps, have finished writing one part of a story, but have many other parts of that story — or many other stories, in general — ready to be written.

And, most important of all, you are excited and enthusiastic to work with your inspiration and to write these stories!

Just allow yourself to experience that and know that, in doing so, you will become inspired.

Drinking A Glass Of Inspiration

Out of all the methods outlined in this series — so far and in the next/final part — this is the most unique.

Right now, in this moment, imagine that you are drinking a glass of water.

Just allow yourself to feel the weight of the glass, the water as it flows across your tongue, as well as the vague sense of nourishment water provides.

You can imagine this with as much vividity as you wish.

Right after you imagine such a thing, allow yourself to imagine that you are standing alongside a beautiful ocean.

A beautiful ocean rich with blue, clear water, streaks of light flowing across the surface.

A beautiful ocean that possesses no beginning and no end.

Surrender to the moment and experience this ocean, as well as that surrounds it.

Soon after doing so, and as soon as the moment passes, conjure, within your imagination, a cup.

A cup made of glass.

Or, perhaps, a cup made of stone, marble, diamond; and so on and so forth.

Grab this cup and move it into the ocean, allowing it to fill with water.

Soon after the cup becomes full, bring it to your lips.

The water you will soon drink is no ordinary water.

Rather, this water is inspiration itself, distilled down to its very essence.

The ocean surrounding you is the Ocean Of Inspiration.

You can return to this place at any moment and drink from its inexhaustible wealth.

No matter where you are, or what you are doing, you can become inspired.

And, with that in mind, drink this water, allowing its rich, abundant nature to unveil itself as it flows through you.

Soon enough, you shall become inspired.

Remember that and allow yourself to appreciate that fact.

Allow yourself to appreciate the unending inspiration that is always available to you.


Each one of these methods is effective.

Some may work better than others, though, so it’s worth experimenting with the ones that entice you.

You may find that some work very, very well, while others don’t.

Regardless of what works, though, thank you so much for reading this essay!

As always, if you want to reach me, you can do so at “maxwellcakin@gmail.com”.

Best wishes, and have a great day!



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