12 Tools For Generating Infinite Ideas With Ease — Part 02

Maxwell Akin
5 min readSep 10, 2022

On September 6th, “12 Tools For Generating Infinite Ideas With Ease — Part 01” was published.

Just as you might expect, the essay below is a continuation of what was found in part one.

You will, by reading this essay, learn all about twelve tools that allow you to generate infinite ideas with ease.

With that out of the way, let’s begin!

Speak To Your Dreams

Your dreams are a rich tapestry of thoughts, dreams, questions, curiosities, and ideas.

Every night, you step into a dream and, in stepping into this dream, the tapestry grows.

You can record your dreams and expand your sense of self, while also unlocking a wealth of new possibilities.

But, there’s more to it than that.

You can speak to your dreams.

You can speak to your dreams and guide them along a direction of your choosing.

And, when you do this, your dreams will serve to answer a particular question or explore a particular theme.

You may not receive well-packaged, easy ideas. But, you will receive something.

Something you can record and use for your own purposes.

To accomplish this, consider what it is you are looking for.

You are looking for ideas. But, what kind of ideas? And, for what purpose?

Your answer is your answer. Don’t feel obligated to manicure your intentions.

Focus on what you really want.

Just as an example, let’s say that you want to write a story that inspires and enchants you, a story that you enjoy writing, but none of your ideas resonate.

With this aim in mind — or any other, for that matter — you can begin the next step.

You can take a sheet of paper and record your intention.

“Tonight, I Am Going To Dream A Beautiful, Memorable Dream. And, In This Dream, I Am Going To Encounter A Story That Resonates With Me And Inspires Me. Thank You”

No, that isn’t great. But, it works.

You can, of course, write something very different.

On your sheet of paper, you can make little drawings, use colored pencils and markers, design symbols that signify your intention; and so on and so forth.

No matter what, put some energy behind your intention.

And, of course, remember to say “Thank You”.

Thank you to the Dream Source. Thank you to your Unconscious. Thank you to the Creative Power.

Just say “Thank You” in a way that resonates with you, allowing you to feel truly appreciative.

Each one of these actions will allow you to dream a dream that leads to the ideas you seek.

You may dream that dream tonight. Or, you may dream this dream some other night.

No matter what, though, remember your intention and pay attention to your dreams.

And, then, record them.

You may not find what you seek while recording the dream. But, after going back to your record, you may find the ideas you seek, and then some.

Diving Into A New Image

Every single element within a particular image is a canvas.

A canvas for you to project meaning. A canvas for you to find possibilities.

Something as simple as a cracked, stained wall in the background of a photo can suggest:

  • The Rich, Interior Lives Of Those Who Built The Wall
  • Specific Information Regarding The Type Of Wall
  • Where The Materials For This Wall Came From
  • A Particular Architectural Style With Its Own History
  • Stories Regarding These Cracks And Stains; Where They Came From

And so on and so forth.

The possibilities are infinite.

And, more importantly, they’re there, if you look for them.

Given this fact, every image contains a wealth of ideas.

A wealth of ideas that you can find with relative ease.

All you must do is know what it is that you are seeking.

Just consider why you want ideas and what these ideas are for.

And, then, when you do that, look for an image.

Any image can, and probably will, work.

Sometimes, the best images are completely unrelated to your intention.

Right after you find an image that captures your attention, set aside a few minutes.

Within the few minutes you set aside, gaze into the image.

Gaze into the image and notice what it contains.

Pay close attention to the colors and light and shadows within the image.

Pay close attention to the lives being lived within the image.

And, of course, pay close attention to anything else that captivates you.

Within these moments of attention, allow yourself to make connections between your intention and what you are finding within the image.

Everything can be combined or associated in new, unique ways.

Allow these combinations and associations to arise with ease.

During this period, you may find that new, valuable ideas emerge and that, furthermore, these ideas emerge with remarkable ease.

Right after your “session”, as it were, ends, make sure to record what you experienced.

As with the “Speak To Your Dreams” tool, the right ideas may come after your experience has been recorded, rather than during the experience.

Quotation Combination

Quotes are great.

Sure, some of them aren’t great. But, there are a lot of good ones and, if you take the time to really sit with a good quote, a wealth of new possibilities can arise.

You can use this particular idea to generate lots of good ideas.

Clarify what you’re looking for and, then, find a quote that you like.

Sit with the quote and see what happens.

But, as the name of this tool suggests, there’s something else you might want to do.

You can find a few quotes that you like and, then, you can combine them.

To combine these quotes, you can:

  • Turn Them All Into One Sentence Or Paragraph
  • Distill Their Essential Meaning And Combine Those Meanings Together
  • Combine Phrases From Them, Turning Them Into One Larger Work

And so on and so forth.

No matter what method you choose, an assortment of new possibilities will arise.

Many of these possibilities will appear unrelated to your goal.

But, when you consider the quote, and the meaning it offers, within the context of your goal, you may find a new perspective.

A new perspective that allows you to generate ideas with a greater level of ease.

Or, the quote itself, and the meaning it offers, may be a great idea in and of itself.

And, just as another alternative, the unique meaning of each quote, when combined, may grant you another set of questions that makes generating new ideas much easier.

There’s a lot of possibilities, all of which are worth considering.


Remember, you are a creative being.

You are a creative being and you contain an infinite number of ideas.

With the right tool, you can find, and work with, these ideas.

Regardless of that, though, thank you so much for reading!

As always, if you wish to reach me, you can do so at “maxwellcakin@gmail.com”.

Best wishes, and have a great day!



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